We help humanitarians manage, share, and talk about supplies in disaster relief situations

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  • Manage your inventory.

    A simple interface gives you the information you need to manage your inventory at a glance, and enables you to rapidly update items.

  • Communicate with your team.

    Group chat and SMS notifications ensure everyone is up to date and consolidates it into one place.

  • Share with others on the ground.

    Request supplies from nearby NGOs and humanitarians rather than waiting for supplies to be delivered.

our story

"Humanitarians are struggling to get the most basic supplies necessary to respond to a crisis. And first-responders are stuck doing things that computers should do, like tracking inventory."

In the heat of the moment, keeping track of supplies is tough.

We want to make this as easy as possible, so people can spend less time counting things and more time helping people.

Working with other groups should be simpler.

We were shocked at how often teams of humanitarians operated in silos; we're determined to change this. Two hammers are better than one, yo.

We Have, We Need was started by a ragtag group of students at the University of California, San Diego who were determined to bring disaster relief into the twenty-first century. Ambitious, student-led, and self-taught, these hackers built the foundation for We Have, We Need before open-sourcing it. WHWN was built with the belief that this software should be accessible to anyone who needs it. That's why WHWN is built on open technologies.

We exist to ease operations on the ground.

how it works

Use our tools to manage inventory.

Once you've created a team, everyone can manage the inventory in real-time. With an intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface you'll be able to get off the ground and running quickly.

Communicate and log inventory changes with our chat tool

Use the group chat tool to communicate with your team without taking your focus off the inventory. Set up SMS notifications so that everyone is in the loop, even when they are on the go.

Request supplies and our system will notify you if there is a match nearby.

If there's something you need, created a public request. We'll automatically match these to other, nearby groups, and let them know you need help.